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Welcome to the Convictions and Supervision Repository Web-Service

This site contains Pending, Conviction and Supervision information for offenders where a pending case, or a conviction or supervision, has been reported to this site within the past 12 calendar months by any jurisdiction within the Illinois Court System.
It is the intention of this site to provide information to court prosecutors in order to provide prosecutors the opportunity to investigate and prevent offenders from receiving additional sentences of supervision (thus circumventing Illinois Statutes), when said offenders have previously received a sentence of supervision or have been convicted of certain traffic and other offenses within Illinois. NOTE - At this time not all jurisdictions participate in the reporting of cases to this site, therefore it is possible that defendants not eligible for supervision may not be on this database.
This site is NOT the official repository of all reportable offenses within the State of Illinois. It is the responsibility of the individual agency using this data to determine if defendant(s) in court case is/are the same defendant(s) as the data matched and returned from this site. The data is provided as an information service to any jurisdiction that has been issued a certificate for access. The data is intended for the use of determining if further confirmation of a defendant's record should be made. Information found on this site is owned and provided by the submitting agency.
Information about accessing this site
  • We accept individual queries as well as bulk submission of entire court calls from authorized agencies.
  • Agency must contribute conviction and supervision information on a scheduled basis (daily is preferred).
  • Agency must update and remove a defendant record if a conviction or supervision is vacated or if defendant is subsequently found not guilty.
Current Participating Jurisdictions/Agencies
16th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk (Kane)
18th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk (DuPage)
19th Judicial Circuit Court Clerk (Lake)
22nd Judicial Circuit Court Clerk (McHenry)
23rd Judicial Circuit Court Clerk (DeKalb)
Illinois Secretary of State
For information regarding cost of participation, maintenance of site or subscription information please contact Conscisys Corp.